Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ropatec American Installation 6/27/09

Please see pictures of Ropatec's installation of the 6 KW Maxi Vertical in Virginia Dale, CO. (For more information go to:

This is what the turbine looks like uninstalled. It took two crains and a flat bed truck to get all the pieces of the turbine there and get it up on the pre-installed tower.

Here are some pics of the old double vertical before it was removed:

This is the old turbine that they removed.
Here are pictures and videos of putting the new turbine together:

Assembing the turbine:

Here is a picture of the base of the tower. As you can see it is quite small. Probably 6-8 ft in diameter. The commissioned a tower from a company that makes poles for ski lifts. The pole was about 40' ft tall. It probably should have been sited better and a little taller for more effective use of the machine.
See a picture of the inverter. The utility company now needs to hook this up to the grid.

Installing the Turbine on the Tower

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